Plein air painting is challenging, exciting, and therapeutic. If you've done it, you should do it more. If you haven't, start now... after reading my bio in third person below.

Kaori Maeyama is an urban landscape painter born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. Since arriving in New Orleans alone with one duffel bag in 1994, she has been a focus puller, an audio editor, and a plein air painter. She teaches at Tulane University and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and is a member of Staple Goods art collective and gallery in the St. Claude Arts District. Her work has been shown at Staple Goods, The Front, LeMieux Galleries, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and reviewed in Gambit Weekly and Pelican Bomb.
She holds a BA in film production from the University of New Orleans, and a MFA in painting from Tulane University where she learned to paint indoors without paintbrushes... see her studio paintings at www.kaorimaeyama.com
instagram: @kaorinola

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